Your email address is hashed with SHA3 to create a user identifier to link your endpoints to. None of your personal information is gathered.

Auto deletions

Endpoints that are not used for 12 months are automatically removed.


The application does not log the contents of your requests or the responses that are sent. I can't make these available to you.


I use a cookie to store your session information. No personal information is gathered and the session information is not available to any other application. Using this site implies your consent.

Terms of use

  1. This service is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, express or implied
  2. This tool is free for personal or non-profit use, but donations to keep the server running are welcome.
  3. For commercial use this tool costs £120 per year, invoiced in advance, and I am happy to give you the source for you to deploy it to your own servers.

Thanks for listening.